The Caring Transitions of Northeast Iowa, and owner Kerri Shimp, did an excellent job helping me close out my Uncle’s Estate by conducting an Estate Sale on the household furnishings and other items.  They walked us through the process providing a very thorough detail of how the sale would be handled, what happens to left over items and what the costs and commissions would be.  They removed all items from the house and even cleaned up afterwards which is not something we had expected them to do.  Once the items made it to their warehouse they then sorted and cleaned all the items that were put up for sale.  They were courteous, professional and kept us continuously updated throughout the process.  The sale was held in a timely manner and did not take weeks or months from cradle to grave.  Handled in a very timely manner with fair prices assigned to the items by them.

Everything they said would happen did and there were no hidden secrets.  I would recommend them to everyone.  I recommend you listen to what they have to offer and you always have the option to say no but I am confident you will join in partnership with them.  We give them 5 stars and were completely satisfied with their organization and help.


I would highly recommend Caring Transitions to anyone needing to downsize or liquidate! Kerri and her staff treat client's homes and belongings with great respect during difficult times and transitions for families. The staff is professional and delivers on all of their commitments. Caring Transitions make sales successful and seamless, which not only makes these transitions easier, but also gives a genuine sense of thoughtfulness and caring. Caring Transitions can be counted on to do a job fairly and efficiently. I recommend this estate sale company for any family needing liquidation services Northeast Iowa region! Chris 2016

Caring Transitions of Northeast Iowa does fantastic work. Considering they are the only company that assist in all aspects of senior relocating in the area- I am amazed. They are so caring and kind and willing to admit and then fix any mistake that is made. Kerri is reliable and her staff always come to work with smiles on and sleeves rolled up. I cannot imagine having to do all the work that needs to be done in this process (which is a lot), without Kerri and her crew. She has great contacts to resources that everyone she works with can use, and is always ready to get done what needs to be done. Her kindness and empathy and overall work ethic is unmatched when considering all that is required of her in this position. I APPLAUD YOU!  Natalie 2016

Kerri and her staff work so hard to make sure that the transitions for their clients go as smoothly as possible. They are 100% committed to their clients and customers and I couldn't be more impressed with the way they run their business.  Laura 2016

Kerri and her staff are great to work with. The name says it all "Caring" Transitions - Kerri is extremely caring and incredibly patient. She is very passionate about making sure her clients have the best possible experience. She goes above and beyond to ensure her client's needs are met in every way possible. She has trained her staff to always put the clients first and to treat every client with respect. The values of this company are stellar and not ones which are found in many businesses these days. I highly recommend using this company!! Jennifer 2016

I've been dealing with Kerri and her people for several years now, and am always favorably impressed with them. I have used both the online auctions and the on-site sales many times, with excellent results. Snafus are few, and are dealt with promptly and cheerfully. I also know people who have utilized Kerri's transition services -- they report similar positive experiences. Richard 2016

I've never met anyone that works as hard for her clients as Kerri, she is truly passionate about her job and that is something that you don't find everyday. She continually goes above and beyond so when looking for this service her company is the one to hire. B.J. 2016



To Kerri and her crew,


A giant thank you for the estate sale you handled for us in Shell Rock.  You were very careful to treat our parent’s possessions with great care and respect.  We have heard nothing but positive comments from their friends that were able to be at the sale.  And, another giant thank you for the clean up after the sale.  Kerri, you delivered on all counts and made this process so much easier for us.  We have had the opportunity to recommend your services to family and friends who may be in need of the services you offer.

Caring Transitions of Northeast Iowa provided just the level of assistance I needed in cleaning out a basement and a garage.  Staff was incredibly helpful and supportive with answers to issues such as shredding, donations, junk hauling and boxing items.  They also gave guidance as to which items might be saleable.  I appreciated the flexibility in scheduling, the quick responses and the gentle *push* to get the project accomplished.  Very good company to work with and I recommend them.

~Linda from Des Moines

We are so grateful that Kerri has her business and her team just did a great job for us 

~Mary from Des Moines

You are the Best!

~ Rick from Cedar Rapids

Kerri and her team were such a blessing.  We couldn’t of done it without them!

~ Barb and Judy from Cedar Falls

Kerri was extremely professional 

~ Dan from Waterloo

We trust Kerri and she is very professional 

~ Marge from Ackley

We couldn’t of made our transition without Kerri and her team! 

~ Phyillis from Dumont